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Next Session Date:

01.09.2021 - 30.09.2021



  • Learning professional sewing supplies
  • Measurement chart
  • Taking measurements of a customer
  • Position of the tying ribbon on commercial dummy size 38
  • Construction of the straight skirt
  • Preparing the basic skirt on Rhodoid
  • Pinning a half muslin skirt on a Stockman dummy
  • Correction of the skirt
  • Preparing industrial pattern for mass production
  • Exercise of a skirt with a shaped belt
  • Variations of flare skirts
  • Flared skirt
  • Flared skirt in a half and full a circle
  • Skirt with pleats
  • Panel skirt
  • Realization of an emblematic model of a designer



  • Introduction to the process of construction of a base skirt
  • Analysis and Interpretation of a sketch or photo
  • Discover different 2D and 3D creative processes
  • Acquire the basics on a Stockman dummy: aplombs, proportions, volume, length
  • Being able to do a fitting and retouching
  • Becoming a qualified - operational professional
  • Practice high-level pattern making by construction


Material required

  • A computer or tablet with camera, microphone and headphones
  • A commercial dummy size 38 preferably Stockman dummy
  • Sewing equipment: Scissors, red, blue tying ribbon and black self adhesive tape, Japanese ruler, set square, french curves, tracing wheel, tape measure, criterium, eraser, scotch tape, pin box, 8m of medium quality muslin, roll of white and transparent paper, carbon paper

The skirt

VAT Included
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